Take A Leap: Baking Podcast

The past few weeks have been intriguing. A month ago, I would have not of start a podcast about small bakeries. Although I have made some groundbreaking ideas, I have also came up with some challenges.

Some challenges that I have faced is wondering what to ask when I am interviewing owners of these small bakeries during the podcast. I think I am over thinking about it and have to wait to go through the prototype workshop to figure out how I want the show to be laid out.

Many great things have been going well. The people that I have been participating with in the workshops have been very helpful in figuring out my leap, and even helped me figure out people that I can connect with and interview.

When It comes to my interviews so far, I have adjusted some of the people I decided to interview because I needed more of constructive criticism, and my first few interviews were only five minutes. I also adjusted some of my questions as well.

Overall I can’t wait to embark on more interviews, and get started on prototyping how the podcast is going to go.