This week, I had an opportunity to attend the Curiosity week, where technology was sparked with learning sessions presented by businesses, networking with entrepreneurs and other people in the tech industry. And professional development for all the attendees.

Although, I would not consider myself a technological person, I found this a great opportunity for future businesses/ventures I hope to start soon. Yesterday, I attended the Product Management: Product/Market Fit. …

This semester in Entrepreneurship 301 has been a true pivotal moment for me. I have truly gotten more out of this class than I thought I would have.

I was looking forward to this class at the beginning of the semester. I really enjoyed the Entrepreneurship 201 class my freshman year at NDSU. I learned so much in that class from my professor, and the many great entrepreneurs that he brought in to speak with us.

During this semester I also got to explore entrepreneurship outside of the classroom by participating in the NDSU NICE Leap program. Between the Leap…

A few months, if you would have asked me if I would start my own podcast, I would probably look at you crazy.

Over the past few months, I have been participating in the NDSU Nice Leap Program, where I had spent ten weeks working on a new venture of creating a baking podcasting.

My journey of researching and developed this podcast has honestly felt like a roller coaster. I had reached out to multiple bakers around the Fargo-Moorhead area, as well as the Twin Cities, but I got very few responses. It personally took a lot out of me…

I have to say, since I started college two years ago, my journey has been everything but boring. So far during my journey of college, I moved three hours away from my home, made new friends, joined organizations on campus that I thought I would not see myself in before, and even moved back home due to living in the middle of a pandemic now. Now that I have started my third year of college, I have decided to take a new leap!

I have started the 10-week NICE Leap Program. The Nice Leap program is new to North Dakota…

The past few weeks have been intriguing. A month ago, I would have not of start a podcast about small bakeries. Although I have made some groundbreaking ideas, I have also came up with some challenges.

Some challenges that I have faced is wondering what to ask when I am interviewing owners of these small bakeries during the podcast. I think I am over thinking about it and have to wait to go through the prototype workshop to figure out how I want the show to be laid out.

Many great things have been going well. The people that I…

Tanaya Hopkins

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